Nourish yourself with real food. Honey Bee Wellness is your guide to eating for your specific needs.


There are so many memorable moments when we worked together. One most memorable thing that I still use today is having a visual reminder for a goal or habit. Each time I look at my beautiful Swig tumbler it reminds me of us working together but also to drink water, which reminds me of my health, which reminds me of my ultimate goal which is to take care of myself. The small habits we discussed that you can do at each meal have become a part of my every day, ie. chewing your food so your stomach can break it down properly (so much logic in this small habit), slowing down when you eat and being more conscience of eating which then transcends into slowing down for other things. Your knowledge, your compassion, your professionalism really stood out to me. You know your program well but also understand that everyone is different. You listened (very intently) and tailored each session to me and not to a generic format. I felt your caring. You scheduled our sessions and held me accountable so I could reach the goals I set.

Thank you for so much. Your help has propelled me to accomplish my goals at my pace with compassion for myself and to reach my goals with purpose.

– Kate M


When I look back on our time together, I remember how absolutely excited and passionate you were about the information you were teaching and sharing. I loved our in-depth talks each week.

I feel I’m more conscience about foods I eat. I also try to chew more and take my time eating. You have a genuine passion for the program but most importantly genuine concern for me as a client. You would research and learn more to help me on specific subjects. I loved how you would follow-up during the week and tweak things if needed. I also admire how you want to continue learning so you are well versed and can help the whole person.

– Joy E

My autoimmune disease hit me like a freight train. One day I woke up and thought I had the flu. Then I felt like I had been in a bad car accident and had the flu all at once. As time went on, everything hurt more and more, every joint was stiff; my hands were so swollen I couldn’t hold my toothbrush, let alone get dressed or hold my coffee cup. I could barely get out bed in the morning. I went to four different doctors who described me as a “chaos of symptoms.” I was depressed, stressed and desperate. Then I heard of Hannah and Honey Bee Wellness Living. I jumped in with both feet, doing the three-week cleanse followed by the 12-week program. My friends all ask me if it is hard to do; my answer is an emphatic No! Working with Hannah has truly changed my life. My pain has reduced dramatically, and my swelling is gone… my last blood tests all came back normal! I am sleeping better than I have in 20 years; I have more energy and mental clarity. I do still take medication for my autoimmune disease but managing my stress level and eating the food my body needs to stay healthy has been a true life saver.

Thank you Hannah!


Working with you has been a truly transformative experience for me. I’ve been a pretty healthy and conscientious eater for awhile now, but working with you helped me realize how many areas there were for me to make even healthier choices. You helped me to create simple habits that have made huge impacts. I’ve learned so much more about nutrition. You’re expansive knowledge of food and nutrients introduced me to a whole new variety of foods that I now incorporate into my daily eating. The best part of working with you, though, is the constant reminder that I’m not doing this for vanity, but to nourish my body to live a vibrant and pain free life. Your dedication to helping me, no matter what I needed (ie – letting me tell you what I eat everyday!) is a great tool to hold me accountable, and also taught me a lot about where I’m missing certain nutrients. You were always available and a constant cheerleader for all of my successes, and also a comfort in the times that I slipped.

You have been an incredible teacher and encourager, and I would recommend your program to anyone looking to improve their health. I truly believe that I will use the tools and guidance you provided me for the rest of my life to maintain a healthy mind and body.

– Jennifer K